Be part of breakthrough research for Angelman syndrome

If you have a loved one with Angelman syndrome (AS), you may be wondering if there will be a cure. We are confident the answer is, “YES!” FAST’s Roadmap to a Cure for Angelman syndrome is bold, ambitious, and, with your help, achievable. The Roadmap costs an estimated $20 million dollars, and AS families have been challenged to raise $2 million of that investment this year. We are calling on everyone connected to a loved one with Angelman syndrome to support this research. Please join us by making a ­financial gift, spreading the word with friends and family members, and fundraising to help us cross the finish line. Your efforts will take us one step closer to making therapeutics available to those affected with AS and, ultimately, finding a cure that will free our children.

Giving online is fast and easy, and every dollar donated will bring us closer to finding a cure.